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          Apartment in Spain, Spanish apartment          

Sun, Beach, Golf
Holiday in Spain

          Apartment in Spain, Spanish apartment          

Apartment in Spain, Spanish apartment Accomadation

Apartment in Spain, Spanish apartment Beaches

Apartment Spain, Spanish apartment Golf

Apartment Spain, Spanish apartment Villamartin

Apartment Spain, Spanish apartment Prices

   Apartment Spain, Spanish apartment For those of you seeking a sun holiday, a golfing holiday or a beach holiday then this site is for you. We have an attractive apartment in Spain to rent which is surrounded by beaches and golf courses. To find out more about this Spanish apartment please click one or more of the links provided on the left.

Apartment Spain, Spanish apartment

This apartment in Spain is a well-furnished first floor penthouse situated in the sunny Costa Blanca region of the country (in the Villamartin area to be precise). The apartment is situated a mere 500 metres from the heart of the Villamartin complex, which is a hive of activity consisting of, amongst others, 20 restaurants and bars. As would be expected of an apartment in Spain it is surrounded by many fabulous beaches. If you don't fancy the beach then spend the day relaxing at the communal swimming pool which is situated a mere 20 feet of the apartment (after all when in Spain it's customary to socialise with ones' neighbours at the pool). If you don't feel like leaving the apartment then spend the day overlooking the pool from the apartment balcony.

I pay many visits to the apartment in Spain each year and I can say that I totally enjoy it every time. Over the past four years I've stayed eight times. The cost of a flight to this apartment in Spain is quite inexpensive if you do your homework. The weather in Spain is fabulous, a case of sun and more sun. I spend my days leaving the apartment at around 11 and either walking or cycling to the beach. There are many beaches to choose from in Spain but after two weeks or so I discovered my favourite. I might then return to the apartment at 3 or 4 to enjoy a meal, either at home or in the local restaurants. The restaurants in Spain offer a great variety in food and at very competitive prices. In the evening I might wander down to the pool. I find the pool a great place to meet other neighbours. The people living in the other apartments are made up of tourists and locals thus providing for a good mix. To round off the night in Spain, my girlfriend and I usually prepare a meal and eat it on the balcony.

Apartment Spain, Spanish apartment

Spain is a very beautiful country with many activities. Some days I rent a car and drive to a location in Spain where I haven't been before. Other days I might visit the local aqua-park, take boat rides, visit the street stalls in the market (which is the biggest market in Spain) or simply spend a day shopping. The prices in the shops are generally cheaper in Spain than Great Britain or Ireland.

If golfing is your pleasure then this Spanish apartment is a good destination. The apartment is situated within a short distance of three very prestigious golf courses. All three courses attract the attendance of the top professionals in the world and frequently play host to many international golfing events. The prices are very reasonable with a round of golf costing in the region of 30 - 35 and club hire costing approximately 10.

If you decide to visit this apartment in Spain then you won't be disappointed. I've been visiting it for years and I will continue to do so in the future. Please click on one or more of the links at the top of the page to view more specific details about this apartment in Spain.

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